The Stephen King Universe Flow Chart

by Stefan Slater

Confession: I am a Constant Reader (aka, avid Stephen King fan). So when I saw this Stephen King universe flow chart on, courtesy of Gillian–also known as the artist Tessie Girl–I had to repost it here.

Gillian’s charted most of the connected characters and locales in King’s books, and it’s all pretty dizzying and awe-inspiring. But as you other Constant Readers will probably notice, Gillian didn’t include any references to the Dark Tower series (Read: Utter Disappointment).

But in all fairness, that isn’t that big of deal–If Gillian had included all of the references to King’s other works in the Dark Tower, she probably would’ve need a completely separate list. Or, as one of the commenters posted on her site, she would’ve had to draw a massive Dark Tower at the center of the list, and if you think about it, it would’ve turned into one of those complicated portraits within a portrait within a portrait within a… Ow, my head.

Anyway, here’s a preview below. If you want to check out the big, headache-inducing version, head on over to her site!