Back from the Blogging Dead

Hello, Denizens of the Internet. Yes, I am still alive, and, yes, I’m still writing.

But first off, apologies all around for not updating the blog (I’m being sincere this time). I’m branching my writing out a bit so I can cover some new subjects (like hard news and speculative fiction), and I unfortunately left my blog to the wayside and if it was possible for a blog to have some sort of neglected, age-related stench (which it doesn’t, I hope), Lightsabers and Surfboards would probably smell like the Crazy Cat Lady’s ancient Victorian mansion–so, probably like cat pee and despair.

But not to worry! I’ll be updating this site on a weekly basis now (most likely the weekends), and I’ll continue giving updates on my work, what I’m reading and writing, as well as reviews on books and fun links and videos.

On a side note, I now blog for Nerd Approved. It’s a cool site, and I recently did a post that featured the video below.

Ashens is a funny Brit reviewer, and in this video he reviewed a tin of U.S. Military chocolates and crackers from the Vietnam War era. Yep. You can probably guess how the stuff tastes after sitting in a can for 45 years.

Anyway, enjoy the video, and I’m glad to be back!